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Istanbul - An acoustic journey between Hagia Sophia and Beyoglu

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Audiobook about Istanbul: enjoy the sound of the city.

A travel feature packed with interviews, recordings, music and tips to help you discover Istanbul for yourself. Istanbul is exciting, energetic and full of surprises and the sound of the lively and diverse cosmopolitan city simply breathtaking! The call of a far-away muezzin for prayer and the sound of electronical music in the streets of the modern quarter Beyoglu merge in the air, while seagulls circle above the hooting ferries of the Bosphorus and the traffic roars by on the streets.

Residents of Istanbul tell about their everyday life in this cultural centre with its fascinating historical buildings, lively art scene and exciting future projects. Unique sounds and the diverse music of Istanbul make this acoustic journey a very special experience - both for those who are already familiar with the city and for those who dream of visiting it.


1 Sultanahmet - Istanbul's historic centre
2 Topkapı - in the sultans' palace
3 A walk through the bazaar quarter
4 Traditional art - a visit to Caferağa Medresesi
5 Sultan Ahmet Mosque and Hagia Sophia - highlights of sacred art
6 Yenikapı - a building site where the future meets the past
7 Art and local specialities around Atatürk Boulevard
8 The Golden Horn - the heart of the city
9 Beyoğlu - in the centre of the cultural scene
10 Shopping, eating and dancing in Beyoğlu
11 Across the Bosphorus to Asia
12 Kadıköy and a last view of the city

Ausführliche Beschreibung

An Acoustic Journey through Istanbul

A geophon audio guide about the European Capital of Culture When the sun sets behind the Golden Horn and the first lights of the megalopolis start to dance on the sparkling water, twinkling over the small fishing boats and the heavily laden cargo ships, then Istanbul is revealed in all its beauty. By listening to the new geophon audio guide, you can now dream that you are in Istanbul while you are still at home. Why not lie back on your sofa and listen to the babble of voices at the bazaars, music from the trendy Beyoğlu area, traders calling out their wares on the Galata Bridge and many interviews with people from Istanbul? They will tell you anecdotes, give you special tips for your visit, and provide you with plenty of information about the diverse cultural scene, not just on traditional arts and crafts, but also on abstract video art and rowdy avant-garde rock.

The authors Pia and Matthias Morgenroth wandered through the streets of Istanbul looking for the special sound of the metropolis and interesting people to interview for the production of the new audio guide, “Istanbul – An Acoustic Journey between Hagia Sophia and Beyoğlu”. In reply to a question about what made their trip special, Matthias Morgenroth said, “I was fascinated by the diversity and the tangible atmosphere of change. You can feel the energy in Istanbul, where many things are developing and changing at an incredible pace. The city has its own special sound, not least because it is situated on the water and is a huge city with a mixture of many cultures. Thanks to our encounters with people in Istanbul we were able to get to know the culture of this city in a special way and to make it come alive for those listening to our audio guide.”

Together with local people, the authors visited well known and less well known places and areas in Istanbul. For instance, during a tour of the building site at Yenikapı, the archaeologist Kaan speaks about the finds that are thousands of years old and were discovered during the construction of an interchange station, while the young trader Mustafa explains the principle of bargaining at his stand in the Grand Bazaar, and the chef Vedat raves about the delicacies and skills of the Ottoman cuisine. Istanbul’s turbulent past and the historical buildings are just as much a topic of the acoustic journey as are the diverse art scene, the modern nightlife area and everyday life in the city. Original sounds and music from Istanbul – for example by Baba Zula, Sezen Akzu or Nekropsi – provide the soundtrack to the trip and make the listener feel as if he or she is at the heart of the life of the city, where the sound of electro and the far-off call to prayer of the muezzin, the cries of the seagulls and the babble of voices on the streets combine to form a fascinating sound composition. This is an acoustic experience that stays with you for a long time.

“Istanbul – An Acoustic Journey between Hagia Sophia and Beyoğlu” is an exciting portrait of a cultural metropolis with many different faces and contradictions – lively, extraordinary and always on the move. It is an audio guide for an enjoyable holiday on the sofa or to get you in the mood for discovering the city for yourself. The individual tracks are marked on the map on the inside cover of the geophon CD, so that you can follow the path of the acoustic journey with your eyes. To help you prepare for your own trip Istanbul, the booklet enclosed with the CD provides tips and addresses for visits to museums and cafés, a stroll during the day or night.

Istanbul - An acoustic journey between Hagia Sophia and Beyoglu


Ausstattung CD mit 20-seitigem Booklet
Land / Region Türkei
Autor/en Pia und Matthias Morgenroth
Sprecher John Berwick, Marianne Graffam
Sprecher Voice-over Laura Cameron, Simon Srebrny
Auflage 1. Auflage
Spieldauer 80 Minuten